Smudge is a massive lioness, She screams of something from a mythic origin, maybe divine, you could certainly see her as a Valkyrie, she has the weight at least. Standing  at 19.5 feet tall and exuding a presence even larger she smiles with a look of hunger.
Starting from top to bottom, the general build is slightly stocky, you wouldn’t dare ask her weight but she seems to certainly be eating well. Basically a faded peach fur tone with a light grayish stomach with a few bit of a ruddy completion. Basicly a conical shape of her form

The head is compact and streamlined, her blue eyes sparkle with hunger, near the back of the skull are relatively large ears that seem to follow the abient sounds on their own. The only marring of her face is a brown “smudge” mark on her cheek. The head is anchored heavily to her shoulders and chest, muscles quite visible in the compact form, little fat on the gullet.

The lioness’s bust is impressive, not overly large for her height but that’s a scale thing, if your looking up at her they look like twin satilites around her orbit. Ensnared by the rest of her chest to stop to much dangling. Down bellow the bust is the start of the fat lions obvious rolls of fat, the first of three before the massive stomach that is only counterbalanced by the lionesses bum, from halfway down her torso to the hips her stomach has a nice teardrop shape, though far fatter at the low end and rounded at the upper area. The shadow it provides keeps most light from her feet. The navel roughly ¾ down the stomach. The gut sags slightly over her own fertile loins. Covered at the moment by her undergarments


Her wide hips hold this enormous bulk well letting her move with natural feline grace for pouncing, even if she has a big bum, its built to anchor the thick legs, spread for extra support , almost in a sumo stance of readiness., the chubby thighs  tapering down to her thick knees. The calf muscles flex as she walks before narrowing down again to her ankle and the splayed footpaws.


Smudge ele

The queen has become utterly gargantuan, Basicly an elephantine shape  standing somewhat bowlegged so you get the impression that shy would be unable to chase you to fast. Standing 22 feet and whying many many tons. The thick bluish grey hide of her eleform glimmers a bit, from sweat of from water you can’t be sure.

Smudge’s head  is built to withstand tremendous shock, and the forward aimed tusks could provide a leathal attack, but you et the impression the face has more long lasting methods in mind for you. The trunk is easily 9 feet long, and curling like another limb, the one finger on the end almost as good as grasping as a paw. Her jaw is slightly agape, slender tongue amidst the heavy flat crunching teeth., the dark blue black lips hide deep red gums, the tongue a pale pink while the rest of the mouth is an amalgam of black red and pink, on the inside which is were most are likely to end. Heavy set and able to toss with impressive power she hasn’t lost a step in the head.

The jungle queens bust sticks out and dangles somewhat, massive coconuts that most likellyare filled with milk, the fact that she is wearing silk red bra somehow makes this creature look sensual, the chest leads down to the chubby folds of the stomach, fattened to great size through countless sacrifices to her girth. Down in the stomach proper the flab and rouness come into there own, stretching the thick elephant hide thin, almost constantly look like something is shifting inside, her love handles quite visible. On the front of the belly you see that shi amazingly has a pouch.. strange for an elephant but who’s going to tell her its wrong. Currently her hands are in that pouch, gently holding the massive gut. The belly sags over her loins, you can only imagine that they haven’t exactly shrunk when becoming a pachyderm

Thick meaty Legs hold up the massive weight, standing in almost a sumo stance, her skimpy thong just barely visible, the gnarled heavy hide goes down the thick thighs.and calfs to her heavy feet. Each step makes the earth under her shudder.


Clothing wise, in addition to the silkiest is a fair amount of jewelry, much of the same she had as a lioness with golden rings on her nipples and ruby ones on her massive ears. She has picked up a navel stud of diamond to complete it(working on more here





The lioness ahead of you screams of having divine blood in her, built like a goddess and the size to match, towering at almost 300 feet of powerful sexy lioness with a weight that is mind boggling.. Minimaly garbed and straddling a building at most times you get the impression that all the power and size hasn’t exactly defalted that pure hungry domination that smudge is known for. What was once just gigantic is now stupefying large.

Starting from top to bottom, the general build is slightly stocky, you wouldn’t dare ask her weight but she seems to certainly be eating well. Basically a faded peach fur tone with a light grayish stomach with a few bit of a ruddy completion. Basically a conical shape of her form, the wide hips and belly provide a low center of gravity. The head is compact and streamlined, her blue eyes sparkle with hunger, near the back of the skull are relatively large ears that seem to follow the ambient sounds on their own. The only marring of her face is a brown “smudge” mark on her cheek. The head is anchored heavily to her shoulders and chest, muscles quite visible in the compact form, little fat on the gullet. Around it she wears a necklace of busses


The lioness’s bust is impressive, not overly large for her height but that’s a scale thing, if your looking up at her they look like twin satellites around her orbit. Able to demolish like gargantuan wrecking balls, nipples the size of locomotives. Dribbles of sweat from her upper body have washed away a few people already. The bossum is  Ensnared by the rest of her chest to stop to much dangling. Down bellow the bust is the start of the fat lions obvious rolls of fat, the first of three before the massive stomach that is only counterbalanced by the lionesses bum, from halfway down her torso to the hips her stomach has a nice teardrop shape, though far fatter at the low end and rounded at the upper area. The shadow it provides keeps most light from her feet. The navel roughly ¾ down the stomach. The gut sags slightly over her own fertile loins. The rumbling sounds of her stomach echo like thunder. Every breath seems to create small weather paterns


Looking down under the belly you see her darker furred loins, Her fem lips are tightly closed but look as though they could swallow a man when opened, the flesh seemingly grinding against itself constantly, waiting for action, somewhat lubed by looking down at you these massive sex organs dangle something she recently used in it.. Apparently the nose of a submarine dangles from it, haning on by stickem, the rest of the artifact probably crushed in the fertile loins. With that much size her cunn  it could even have a mind of its own from all your know, around the sex is a mass of thicker darker pubic fur that is obviously for its protection, It is fairly well croomed though, considering. further down the curvature of the groin is the tail hole, the gaping tunnel could easily be mistaken for a passageway through the mountain of smudge, but it certainly won’t get you through the way you want. This completes the powerful leonine pelvis.


Her wide hips hold this enormous bulk well letting her move with natural feline grace for pouncing, even if she has a big bum, its built to anchor the thick legs, spread for extra support the size of this ass could flatten a small town, and probally has, it dribbles sweat, almost in a sumo stance of readiness., the chubby thighs  tapering down to her thick knees. The calf muscles flex as she walks before narrowing down again to her ankle and the splayed footpaws. Her tail swings, curling and uprooting large trees, hanging as rings around it is a fiberglass “Worlds biggest Donughts” statue, hardly big against the rest of her


Her normal regal regalia has scaled up with her, her bust is now the the cracked remains of a huge geodesic done, half on each breast. Her loincloth when present is a spray painted tarp for the infield of a baseball game, and that’s hardly enough for true modesty.  if you could steal even that small earring you’d be richer than anyone alive, of course carrying it would need a building crew. Earings, belly studs, dangling bangles on her wrests, and various other fancy ornaments show that size and breeding are combined into the lionesses gargantuan nature before you.




Smudge Maw

The royal lips of the queen of the beasts aren’t exactly known for there daintiness, inside has long since past kissing you, your food now and its all to obvious. Her jaws are heavy set, even in here, the light slips through fairly regularly, the teeth though able to clamp closed nearly , she doesn’t’ grind her teeth closed, after all peering in certainly brings curious food closer to your fate, and letting you see in here just seems to get her body hotter.  The general look of her maw is mostly pink and dark red with nearly black near the back, her lips tremble darkly, seeping salvia to the outside but filling your current toothy prison more and more as you feel the tongue under you. But your eyes are forced to stare first at the massive teeth, mostly sharp, fangs, incisors, built for biting and gnawing, each massive enough to be able to end a persons life at a nibble, heavily rooted deep in those glimmering red gums and locked in even tighter into the whole lower jaw, curved inwards slightly  keeping her meals where they belong. You see the foul yellowing far worse on this backside, the teeth filthy with grime for so few get a chance to clean once they reach here, you see a few small objects wedged between the bases of the teeth and the crushed remains of “Something” in the massive craters atop her molars, looking up you see these huge flat crushing teeth, resembling small trash compactors. All this dental weaponry impressions you for the added trauma of feeling the doomed air waft up from bellow, clouding up behind you and sticking to your spine and rump, almost tactilly pulling you down…. As for what your on…. You tried not to think about it but it is rubbing its healthy tastebuds against you, driving her drool into your hair and skin without a care. As she talks, with her mouth full of you, you see the tongue tip lick her lips, ripple against you like a fat serpent, squeezing your flavor down her gullet, pressing your back against the hard upper pallet, if you weren’t about to enjoy a plunge down her gullet you might think it a massage…. Now its just a tease… after a few minutes your nose isn’t good enough to stay closed and her breath ripples over you from behind, causing involuntary coughs and sputtering, she panted at you before, you knew it was coming but the heavy hot stewing deep down has just leaped from bad to unbearable.. even here.the hot broiling bellow engulfs you like a straight jacket ,filling every orifice. The tongue rears up again and then splashes down, sending waves of the building saliva both out between her teeth and back on you, washing you over, making one more lathering of your body for the next step. Your body sweats involuntarily as you hug the wide tongue, feeling the bumpiness wear at your body, it moves like a bucking bronco to swallow you, you manage to cling on, the slobber is rising though.. and you feel it under your fingers.. your grip is NOT going to last long.. might as well say goodby to the world through those massive jaws



Smudge throat

The first impressions are of a hot water park ride that your going down the wrong way, first impression are really not fair, your mind is trying to deceive itself and not winning the war with the senses as you. And that evil little mind once betrayed by senses tells you something else… she is swallowing you ass first so you can suffer longer… Your eyes see the jaws clamped closed, sheathing you in darkness, no longer being able to see more than a few inches in front of you.. of course, all that matters now in the dark are those few inches because your face is pressed into the saliva coating, the saliva waterfall, the thick gullet wall presses back, form fitting your every curve, wrapping you in her body. Letting you FEEL her pulse against your ears, those arteries, brining life to her, echoing a teasing pulse as you sweat your way down your rump and legs are pressed together, cocooned in the muscle feeling a squeeze as she shoves you into that trachea, the body lionhandling you while she pulls breath around you. Every fear of claustrophobia and drowning just escalates endlessly, her drool slipping through your lips, as does the mucus linning, everything leads you down.. and she swallows, a hard heavy ripple running through your body  as if you were squeezed through a thick ring. Deeper into the stench and wet heat

You feel the gullet around your body, the slick walls are pure muscle underneath, your fingers and toes press out, bulging it a bit but the resistance quickly gets to much, being stuck in a tube means you can’t even get any leverage or momentum, your fingers clench at the flesh, just making small indentations, not getting any sort of grip, you feel her throat squeeze around your body. . You pant and struggle but each fight is instantly squashed by the cruel gullet, it cares for only one thing digestion,  with each breath, your slicked body drifting more, quicker down the foot chute in what seems like forever, but sensations seem to come so much slower when your about to meet your end each squirm gets a moan from her and lets more of that blocked smell waft into your nostrils more, you smell her dinner, from who knows how long, it smells sweaty, just like you, it smells terrified, just like you, and it smells long after it has scrummed, just like you, stench can’t kill but it can eat the soul and fight away, you decide to struggle driving your knees into her throat with all your force, only to feel her paw gently caress the bulge, Hope has taken a flight away early…your feet press down at the valve, the end of the water slide, leading to the heinous pool where your meat will be utterly hers. The heat bellow scalds up your underside, forcing you to arch your back, the lions steamroom… the pressure cooker, the stewpot, there are so many words, and they all end the same


Smudge Belly

Your inside of her now, the sultry, massive, hungry queen has turned you into mere food, resting in the stinking slovenly pot, just as if she was chowing down on a side of beef your living body is assaulted by the same fate all who meat the queen and pass into her hunger receive, the stomach.

Smudges ravenous paunch ripples around you as you land with a rude thud, sending the last beings to have there penultimate final resting here disturbed once more into sticky goopy waves, splattering on the walls and back on you. The dark dank stomach flesh around you blocks out nearly every bit of light, you might wish it did it all because of the slovenly revolting tendencies of a queens hotpot. Deep pink, maybe red, the walls seeping the juice and acid as the thob heavily. The basic stomach sags greatly, gargantuan and shifting slightly with every motion of her body the “floor” being covered nearly 1/3 full with meaty broth. The stomach walls are each thick muscular layers, coated with countless layers of insulating, protecting flesh, dulling the compacting only a bit while letting the ooze seep out no matter who bites and claws Lions are known to eat anything after all



You land in the hot soup, feeling the sticky clinging goop that used to be so much more, and is now just waiting to be her belly fat, it feels like hot jello on your fur, tingling, weighting you down, trying to drag you under , the level slowly rising as you move around, slogging slowly, painfully around, trying to get yourself into a less uncomfortable position. The roasting heat of the stomach, building and billowing upon itself, rumbling as the jungle like rumble fades to a near volcanic gut cooker., the bubbling magma of her digestive juices exciting more and more. You see a mount struggle in the goo, trying to lift itself then fall back, lost in the stomach juice… she hadn’t exactly been famished after all.. just wanted to gorge, turn you into more fat. As you struggle you see the remains of a lantern  bobbing in the stomach….still working, though flickering a ghastly visage of the fates of tends of thousands of others in the queens temple. Your body tingles ominously as soft wet sounds echo in the cavern….


As you move around the hot stomach you press against the walls, moments later you hear her make a crude grunt and press that bulge back in, teasing with your even now, enjoying your struggles for life all to much. The disturbance makes a few sickly green bubbles emerge from the greenish goo, as big as your head the bubles lift and at her next braap splatter over you, dowsing you in a few more remants of the last fur… a wedding band. Gulping at the horror you manage to have your more accustomed eyes get splashed with the goo as the stomach jostles pressing you back down into the boiling foulness, struggling back to get your head free your head is covered with dissolving pants….  Smelling so faintly of there last owner now, the smell quickly fades back into the overpowering funk of her gut, .


You punch and kick, thrashing out, hitting the stomach walls with all your force, they give enough but they have and endless hold and you can only press out so long as you burn out your energy, feeling the stomach well practiced methodology of compacting, crushing, and dissolving the strongest of strugglers….

Left with nothing to do but scream you do that and it echos back, muffeld perfectly by all that flesh, probally just another ‘gloping” sound from the outside. The echos vibrate your body inside, spraying and splattering more foul goo over you. The whole stomach rocks as you feel her groan, then belch again, sending a plume of the lighter goo into the air, letting you watch it rain up through the doomed passage you came through. And then come raining back down atop of you, her self gratifying lip licking echo’s somehow, maybe your just getting more used to the rumbling splurching and sprattling gurgling….


You end up sinking your body into the bottom of the stomach, its to much work to fight, the air is so thin you try to conserve yourself  feeling those massive meaty legs pressing the belly from either side, creating a ditch of the bilibic goo,  overcoming you more and more to the slovenly gluttony of the beast, her body enjoying engulfing you so well. You feel her pat the side of her gut as you struggle less…. Every crude belch, every pawing of her body, every lewd and lazy groan compacts you more, the stomach starting to form fit around you. Feeling her walking… just food.. that’s what you are…



Smudge’s a walrus gut


Well they said hell was under the rock and deep down in the earth, they missed it, your inside of it now, in the deep rancid gut of the behemoth queen walrus, the pure mass all around you carrying you like you were hardly a snack. The blubber and bulk she naturally has makes this all to logical. Your legs slipping through those whispery toothed lips, the wide gaping maw gulping your body, swallowing you down a filthy rancid waterslide into the thick body, enbeding you in the utter hotness. That flat tonge laping at your underside, shovling quicker and quicker, scarfing you without a care, soon enough you slip into her massive cooker, the pot that boils people into blubber every day.


The stomach as it is is low slung for the most part, under the beastily gut, you feel her mass above you, pressing down, using your own body as an added layer of cushioning of the massive bulk that would crush her and injure these thick bones without it, your slamed and smooshed into the lower stomach with each waddling movement. The smell gags you, making your body shiver as you struggle to move, the fat all around you isn’t giving you much leeway. The walls themselves are so thick you can’t even see light through so its near pitch black, the only lights are coming from the remains of phosperous glow sticks that some unlucky victim had, they won’t last long either, just like the bones of her last meal theses are being joyfully eaten away by her stomach acids, your time might even usurp the remaining light. The aroma of half digested sea creatures is overwhelming, and feeling around you can feel the bones of fish, and more, otters, orcas, seals, and now you are all having the last eartly remains compacted and crushed into fine goo here.The sickenly sloppy spluching sounds are deafend by each motion of her body, sending waves where just eddies in the stomach were before, the stomach acid now diluted with salty water is getting less diluted all the time… You feel your pupils dilate as you try to make out more in the faint light, the colors are.. grayish red, some pink too, the little bumps and levels of the stomach under the sea of doom around you seem to be almost sensual… but obviously they are to crush and grind, applying pressure in little parts to snap apart bones.


As your taking in the horror you feel the stomach slosh and splatter as she rolls over  buffeting you on your back, letting the remains of her last meal rain on you and spreading the searing cooking level to your back rather than your belly, a  momentary reprieve as the stomach shudders and she makes a long drawn out burp, no longer crushed agaist the ground in her ponderous paunch you thrash pushing up with all your might only to find the blubbery outside is tough, very tough, exerting all your strength you doubt you even make a discernable bulge, no one would know your not just a ton of fish in her salty belly hide. Her powerful body bucks and starts a little tiddle wave to wash over your front, not letting it get a break from the acids, the stomach compacts again and “rolls” up your body, trying to snap and pulpate you, but your still to tough for that…. Never mind, it will win in the end you know



After the turnover You feel one of the ex orca craniums slide against your head, almost bitting you in its final solid existence, the wet slobber over the bones and you leaves , you hear some cracking from the motion, then you feel her flukes pat her gut, kneeding it a bit, slapping at whatever bulge you make, she wurfles a few times and moans thrashing a bit on her back as you squirm. She rumbles around you, sunbathing on the icly floe without a care for you, “ohh yeah, come on, your just blubber, going to keep me warm in the artic” she barks “Ohh you see flipper in there, you won’t even be that much will you”


Suddenly you feel her roll over again, waddle a bit making you feel sick enough then she slips into the water with little grace, your cushioning taking the place of any hesitation she might have had.. The impact with the water is like a punch to your whole underside, the massive weight impacting, using you as a chest guard for impact almost makes you lose your lunch, you feel the icy water struggling to cool you down but its no good, the sensation of motion is strange, you feel her perform acrobatic maneuvers in the sea that twist and contort her stomach, almost form fitting around you now, secreting, undulation, crushing, smooshing, working you over, and somehow the tons and tons are moving with such ease, a creature of the water for sure. You feel her body lurche forward as she makes a closed mouth belch, letting the flavor of your final breaths spread into her lips again while you squirm for your all, you feel the pressure against the outside getting tighter and tighter whle she dives, bringing you down to the hell of the walrus digestive system in the depths. Of the sea, incased in the foul blubber you are soon to become, you feel her heart beat, and her moanings as you struggle less and less. The stench of digestion is all over you, your eyes are forced close while the greenish acid finishes devouring the little light, the sloshing, the heat, the stench is all you can sense, eyesight no longer important, your breathing shallower and shallower.As you seem to fade you finally feel her getting onto something firm again, a crude wet belch of your furry remains and your totally into the beastly walruss fem.









The lion before you stands immense, at 24 feet tall he tends to tower over most people, Basicly Tawny furred,  sandy colored,, his belly is a lighter shade, almost peach color. With a tail swishing behind him about half his height.Looking him up and down, you start at his face, after all, that's what's staring back at you, deep brown eyes glimmer in the light, deep enough to get lost in as you look up at the slightly stubby muscle with a slight roughed up fur on his chin, All heavily set in the head , expressive eyes complete most of the faces real estate and two small rounded ears emerge from the forest of his mane, The lions neck is muscular, anchoring the skull tightly and showing the passage thousands of beings have taken to help make leo what he is.

His luxurious mane is an impressive affair, running down the back of his head and between his shoulder blades to his rum while around his neck and down between the peck muscles to almost the start of his stomach, the deep dark ruset red sets his face of well, though it dosen't hide the bulge in his gullet as he swallows air, licking his chops a bit.

Leo stretches a bit as you look at him, showing off his arms as he puts them behind his head, chubby on the upper arms but you can see the biceps and other muscles through the kitty fat, his hands are slightly larger than you'd expect a human of his size to have but seem just as flexible and agile The lions chest shows the flab a bit worse, pec muscles sagging slightly and a roll of fat underneath them that distorts the abdominal muscles a bit, from the perfect pred form, the lazyiness shown gives you a strange feeling that he might not be such a pushover, after all, it almost seems as the chubbiness might be a show to lure in other victims of his debauchery and decadence

He sports a big of a beer belly, fur slightly ruffled around it, very minorly stretched, it sags over his crotch and puts it into shadows, the stomach itself is welll formed and round from regular good meals, though probably no one entertaining his hot belly at the moment..His navel is visible in the otherwise smooth curvature, a definite innie of a lion, currently it has a tummy stud of an emerald

The lion is currently only wearing a heavy golden loincloth with two snuggling red lions embroidered on it, it flops over his crotch and hides his private parts only showing the healthy bulge a male lion tends to have. it dribbles slightly of sweat, and smells of lion.

His hips lead down to his thick thighs, almost like small tree trunks they are certainly able to support anything the lion cares to add to his bulk, the dribble a few slight drops of sweat as you stare, the calves and ankles are likewise built to be sturdy rather than to be fast, chubby all over, but a chubby that belies an exceptional natural strength.. and maybe hidden muscles. His feet are slightly larger than you'd expect, perhaps to do the classic under foot method of domination and ownership, or more likely a natural tendency to help his balance.


Time to let your jaws drop, the wall of tawny fur ahead of you goes up and up and you see the shere goliath form of leo.. and you thought he was intimidating before, a few steps back don’t help you, you run half a mile and look back at the enormous lion… standing 301 feet tall currently and the scaling up seems to have benefited him well. The same tawny fur that was so soft when he was a smaller lion is now nearly forest like for those who get close, able to get lost in the long smooth strands when the lion lays down, AKA as posing as a mountain. Looking at his head the massive features of the lion are dwarfing now, his deep brown eyes the size of a man blink, the details make it easy to get lost staring into them. Slightly stubby muzzle with a slight roughed up fur on his chin, All heavily set in the head , expressive eyes complete most of the faces real estate and two small(compared to the rest of the head) rounded ears emerge from the forest of his mane, The lions neck is muscular, anchoring the skull tightly and showing the passage thousands of beings have taken to help make leo what he is. Though you doubt anyone smaller than 20 feet would even make that bulge, the mane wraps around it well too, flowing like a russet river  as he throws his head to pose. The lions chest is expansive, the muscles in the shoulders are visible but his chest sags, flab having covered what is likely still a robust body but his gorging has continued, though moved up to whole buildings and towns from the more intimate fast food establishment. The arm and hand muscles look rather toned, only a bit of chubbiness has managed to assault the upper area of shoulder and arm. Resembling the mighty strands of a suspension bridge rather than the more organic of lesser creatures, and probably as tough too. The biceps dribble a bit of sweat down, a smelly heavy rain. Looking down the flabby body shows a couple rolls of fat and then the true gut. He sports a big of a beer belly, easily large enough to devour an apartment complex before compacting, after, well you can only guess. The fur itself is thick and protective, hiding the contents well, nothing big enough t o bulge his gut has been in his diet for a long time so its well rounded, his navel was unable to find an appropriate sized gem so he is using a glass replica that shines just as pretty. The whole leviathan sized paunch ends up shading his crotch very nicely, and putting people between his legs in total darkness. One paw hefts the tummy enough  to let you look under.

The perpetual darkness hasn’t stunted his growth between the legs His crotch pubic fur forms a nest for his colossal scrotom and the bolder sized orbs of sexual creations resting in the thick sac.  the dark brown stringy fur  of his pubic protection showing of the much lighter flesh of the dangling  heavy testicular, massive and a mixture of flesh and fur covering keeping them warm on cold nights when not busy. The crotch fur wreathing these also stretches up and around his shafts base, hiding the base of the lions thick shaft from view unless you get up really close. Looking at his member it resembles a mans more than an animals, at least when he is in anthro form, as you stare at it though it goes from flaccid to semi rigid, the lord is probably thinking about something nearby in “interesting” ways, a quick estimate would put his length at way to long, and way to fat, but if you must need numbers it approaches 50 feet in length and a mucky 16 foot in girth…rivulets of sweat dribble down under his legs leaving the massive hip and butt that provide much of his leg power, the rump is big enough to be mistaken for a comet strike when he sits, the blackhole up the backside is gapes open like a toothless jaw, wide  to let out the enormous amounts of waste that much be expelled from his glutton. The massive fatty behind leads down steadily to those enormous legs, tree trunks, bah, tree’s are pencils in comparison to the girth at the base, though maybe a very proud redwood could be as thick around as his ankle, maybe.. Enormous feet leave a constant trail of craters from each step, however…. Currently leo seems to be wearing “sandals” made out of the remains of two super long flatbed trucks, the wheels are off and the structure is suffering, being compacted so tightly by the pressure of the lions body, strapped on with the sort of chain used to more boats. Why the lion seems interested in protecting feet that could probably stomp down on foot long nails without noticing it is a mystery.they don’t even really fit, his toes spilling over the sides. The Giant lion rumble laughs as you finish looking at him





Leo has taken the shape of an anthro elephant, and his most general dimensions haven't changed all that much. However the thicker hide rather than fur seems like it would be both slowing and yet provide an exceptionally thick skin. This might be shown that ther are broken swords tucked away in his loincloth. Trophies.. To start at the head, when Leo transforms he dosen't go half way, long slightly curved tusks glimmer in bright ivory, normally polished by a servant.. nearly 5 feet of curving tusks coral a predatory maw and an impressive 9 foot trunk ,able to easily pick his navel with then trunk. Mostly flat teeth ring the mouth, thick dark lips hide them when the maw isn't properly opened though.  The heavy jowls and lip just seem to seal the mouth better than the normal lion head, if not able to gape quite as  wide.  Massive ears complete the elephantine head, could be used for cover or shade if the owner wasn't such a glutton.

the head is anchored to his shoulders, muscular and granite like, his physic, while "Chubby' has a tough as stone look too, the arms are muscular, the chest well defined and abs at least moderately toned, the stomach stretches out, more than a beer belly for sure. Nice and round, maybe not as firm as it could be,

The heavy stomach hangs over his crotch, heavy and protruding weather the beast has dined or not, the saging frequently does have odd protrustions pressing out form it. The shaded loincloth is ragged, similar to what leo normally wears but more primitive even. There is a definite oder of hunger and "bull elephant" coming from this area too.

Massive chunky legs show the slight bends in the hide, accentuating the creases in the body, a bit of a wrinkled look, though thicker near the top they don't taper much at all reaching the thick ankles, and heavy elephant feet, the toes somewhat separated but looking pretty much like one of those crude trashcans.. though bigger.. and probably not all that happy to see such a use of a pachy.

In elephant form the king is richly attired in rings and jewelry, covering his wrists, ankles and hips especially though the big floppy ears  and long trunks are well adorned with looping earrings. He has a jade "clip on his lower lip. The king still has that same old presence.



Before you is a massive horse, standing 23 feet tall with muscles that bulge through the normal fur. Starting from his head the king maintains power, looking more athletic than his lion self for sure, slightly forward bent head on the thick neck, wide shoulders tapering down slightly till expanding at his hip, providing a fat hourglass figure when standing. Tone and the musculature mixing quite well. As normal the kings alt forms are moving toward the exotic in more ways than one.

He head is slightly stubby for a horse and well anchored, the eyes are deep set for protection against strikes a hardened skull allows a natural charging head but. sandy brown fur over the entirety with white splotches right around his eyes. His ears flicker a bit as you stare at him, large nostrils flare to inhale your own aroma, a smile crossing his darker lips. A auburn mane goes down half his back. Full and impressive, unlike the lion it does not wrap around his chest.

The king's chest is muscle-bound, anchored onto his skeletal form are ropy and well anchored muscles in all ways, prominent pecs, biceps, and all the res, though not buff to absurd levels the look is defiantly of someone who has a active lifestyle wrapped around him for power and a leaner look what might have started wiry has managed to bulk up into wires more like what hangs a bridge. The muscles on muscles ends down at his belly which has still  a rather beer bellied look, even in  muscular form some things can't change about leo. Hips and rump are big, allowing heavily built legs to be supported, adding to balance his running when in full stride and in general making his abilities to keep up with prey far easier. The tree trunk thighs and calf's end in heavy hooves, two toed to give some flexibility but not nearly as soft as the lions far harder though

The horse is dressed to go to town,  he has a golden nose ring, gemstone studded earrings on his large right ear. He tends to wear a heavy 18kt gold necklace that lets him feel an extra bit of tightness when he swallows a nicely big meal down past the muscular chest. Billowing out his pecs with the exotic platinum nipple rings

He wears arm guards around his upper arms and his wrists, though certainly more for when he gets into a brawl or wants to glimmer.. the aren't pure gold, impractical and to easy to damage, but they do look fine. Around his hips and groin is the royal thong, pure red. Around his ankles are exquisitely designed bracers,  they are of sterling silver and half his calf muscles, custom fitted to be snug around those muscles.



What stands before you is a picture right out of a mythology book, and then some, the gryphon truly looks like a monster, reality out the window, it is big for instance, 15 feet at the shoulders. And probally 25 feet long, not including the tail. With golden fur and plumage, That's the basics. Before the details begin a physiological note, unlike most avians Leo has normal bones, not hollow, this limits agility dramaticly but also allows him to take massive bumpings and knocks without real damage

Leo's beak looks deadly, curved with a slight hump in it the weight is obvious, the hard esterior belays no weakness and housies his nostrils well. The beak is rooted firmly to the rest of the skull, letting it be whiped around as a weapon should the beast want to inflict wounds, the sharpened sides make the head a crude sword few are big enough to need this treatment though the head proper hoses his expressive eyes, complete with eyetuft. His triangular earss fold back against his head though they can  perk up to hear better, they sport a bit of a tassle at the tips, very short though.

Back from head is the gryphons gullet, the throat is rather long allowing impressive movement of the head, far enough so he can nuzzle his own tush should the need arise. Down the back of the neck is a thick full mane, the same auburn shade of leo's and like his it flows down around to his  chest, though not as fully covering. The base of the neck widens to attach to the torso and chest, anchoring around the muscular shoulder blades on the top where his wings jut out. Your eyes marvel as they move up to those.

Leo flexes his wings, nearly three times his own widths wingspan, and each "flex" sends a gush of wind back, the powerful muscles glimmering, looking almost like separate arms, rivuleted and wraped muscles provide the powerful lift "Not" to be torn off when  a beast of over a ton takes flight. The  feathers glimmer in the light as he preens them with his beak, he stares at you with those eyes, wanting you to enjoy his full body, not just the impressive wingspan

The torso holds his legs, tapers to his haunches and groin soflty feathered with almost down his stomach has an impressive stretching capacity, bulging out under him and not doing much to hinder flight. His own groin is nestled behind this, normally hidden from view by thick  protective fur when not in use.. The forlegs end in talons, but the muscles of the legs  the joints in the shoulder allow exceptional motion, unlike most non anthro's they are a ball and socket joint with the ability to "Snap" in place to provide a more ease design for long distance running. The hind legs stretch a bit, ample backside nicely toned ,anchoring the muscles, retaining much  of the felines  natural pouncing ability the construction of the leg is similar to the lions, slightly unkempt wild fur that often dribbles sweat when exerted.(flying), The main difference in the legs(other than posture for a non anthro) are his hind  feet which are taloned, the nartual armor of these provides a natural bracer for his ankles.

The last visible part of the gryphon is leo's tail, almost exactly like his lion one, and just as prehensile, it serves another function now to help guide and stear him in flight, balance. It curls around expectantly as you finish looking over him.. he then smiles and licks his beak, hungry from posing

Befitting a King, leo is not totally naked, even in the animalistic form, he maintains his crown of course though frequently he caries it in one claw during flight. Better secured is the thick golden necklace around his throat, tight enough to let his his meals feel it on the swallow it weighs nearly 50lb, but is nearly ignored by leo.. it's a small weight for him.  It shows an incan design, with a massive emerald in the center of a etched relief puma's jaws. He wears a handful of various fancy look earrings, however these are actually cheap costume peieces that will fall apart with to much pressure.. the lion doesn't want sensitive ear pains after all. His haunches  and wrists are adorned by platinum bands intertwined with gold, providing  a nice shimmer.




The fat gator ahead of you is 16 feet tall maybe a few inches more, a stout build he also weighs in at 7.5 tons of scally meat Basicly sandy brown in color he has light sea blue belly scales. Almost constantly dribbling bog water from his scales the armored scally form is squatty built with a low center of gravity.


The head is certainly an alligator shape, flat and wide, though somewhat chubby, anchored with a thick neck  and trailing a modest sized auburn mane .As most gators Leo shows off a full collection of glimmering small teeth in that jaw, all the better to bring someone in for that hot transport into the “luggage compartment” His breath smells slightly of fish, but most often the last meals cooking inside is stronger on his halitosis suffering jaws

The chest and shoulders of the reptile are heavy and anchored well, thick muscled arms just have a fat over coating and the same general well protecting scale covering and the natural cushion of the extra layer of fat, His chest has muscles of course, and the general chubbiness, but they are both covered by very thick banded scales providing large plate like armor coatings for his underside.  Running down his back are two small lines of mostly ornamental  stegosaur like blades.


Leo’s stomach sticks  out a good five feet, providing excellent shade to those between his legs. Long banded scales stretch thin, proving some chinks in the armor, still those the hide is thick enough to keep his gut well protected. His gut trembles with each breath, the wrapping of his massive gluttony sags and bounces rather strongly with each step is not secured . only two rolls of fat are visible above the massive pot belly.. His clawed hands are holding at the side, fairly long fingers with thick wrists, almost like a mailed gauntlet


Walking with a bowlegged stance the heavy thighs show massive power even if they lack the speed of the more feline normal form, his stability is rarely matched in this form, able to wrestle and overbear nearly anything. Leading down to well muscled knees and calfs you figured small firm scales on his body provide an almost mail like protection, all the vital organs are well housed internally so cheap shots are likely to be ineffective. Massive rump muscles provide an anchoring for both tail and legs, while not the most mobile when he plants part of him is likely to stay planted. 


His tail starts out thick but quickly tapers, however this structure helps him whip it around with stunning force, able to strike either side or behind him without to much trouble, it also adds to his maneuverability in the soggy boggy ground this form tends to inhabiat most often


The Garb leo choses to wear as a gator varies, currently he is wearing suspenders  held up denim overalls, the belly is forcing it to mainly be a side and back covering, and of course his groin, still, it helps him keep that fat belly up. He is also wearing a belt to add some support to this, thick leather into it he puts any current items he might be holding, two pouches hang off the sides, the twin rapiers of one of his recent meals wedged between his overalls and the belt, diminutive in comparison with the beast. More impressively He is wearing the same high class jewelry that the king has in other forms, neck lass, heavy golden bracers and anklets, a silver nose ring  and a two bands of platinum around his upper jaws. Simple golden rings on each finger add a touch more regality. Of course the Kings crown rests firmly on the earless head,  nice to have things that adjust to appopiate size




The rat king

Leo as a rodent has lost some of that regal impression and replaced it with a more wickedly cunning hunger, sloth might still be there but its an aggressive style of sloth. Dark brown fur with an even darker belly fur, a long tail and an expressive face all add to the natural tenacity of the rodential species Fairly musky smell, not known to bathe as much as the feline form


The rats face is slender, massive buckteeth are prominent with a modest ovebite , deep set  golden  hued eyes in a rounded skull set on a rather muscular neck. Large ears are quite sensitive and seem to twitch on there own, well adorned with the richers of his most recent ravanging, three golden teeth behind one of those incisors, his moalars show a lot of wear from crunching up and  gnawing things. He wears a black bandana  to hold up a scraggly lion mane, his crown seems to be missing from him in this form. Drool dribbles from his overbite


His shoulders are heavily muscled anchoring both head and slender wiry arms, showing only some flab through far more impressive muscles. A bit of a lank look with thick claws at the end up his long fingers give an almost horror movie like grasp to his hands and grab around his prey. Chest wise its mostly musclebound, but there is a sagging nature to them just the same, 6 pack abs or rodential monsterity fade when you get to his stomach, a healthy pred gut lingers, stretched fur smelling a bit strongly of what he last had for dinner. Normally the ravenous belly is nicely rounded by the time he is out and about for more meat.


Hips wide hipped to carry the sizeale paunch, the big behind hinders running on two feet so chooses so running is done mostly on all fours,  splayed legs when standing tall, his crotch is only covered by a ragged loincloth and that fails to do a good job, you can only guess that he has a similar gifting down under there as he does in lionform his meaty hind legs support him well giving him excellent hunting balance. Bending back and never really standing straight because of a constantly being refilled stomach.



Garb, Other than the bandana and the loincloth he chosen to wear the clothing of his last “Large” meal, most often it is still far to small but wearing a vest from some big lion that’s in his stomach right now struggling is a definite charm, they tend to get sweaty and throne in the trash later. Of course when in the lions den he wears a regal tunic that is far more in line with his position




A strange an unusual form indeed leo stands before you in one of the least likely creatures to go preadatory, tall and leaner, swishing tail low folded ears, he has taken the shape of a meerkat, A slight blend of the lions natural shape works its way in a modest mane. His bodyhas the same sandy brown coloration with faint brownblack “half stripes” don his back in traditional meerkat coloration. The overall look is of sloth taking over a good body, lazyiness and crudeness having taken over his life. He idly scratches his bum then yawns as you stare at him.


Starting from the top, The skull is compact and fairly normal for the species and size, black ears slightly overlarge nose and eyes, the start of his mane between those ears. His cheaks are puffy looking and anchor the maw, able to bite down with a lot of pressure if not stretch as far as some of the more impressive forms. Weged around a few of the teeth are the remains of other meals, a could of small rings around his molars, a ruined belt hanging from his lips that smells of lion. The head is anchored to a well muscled neck and throat, a pronounced adams apple, The shoulders aren’t especially wide but the head doesn’t need the massive anchor leo does in normal form.


The main torso isn’t quite as massive as leo is in his normal liony form,. Though not exactly slim lined his body does have a distinct length and a grand flexibility, muscles in the body are prominently visible though a thin layer of chubbiness. Powerful chest and abs are visible under the more recent layer of chubbiness, the body almost looks as though it will constantly be in motion. Even the chunky nature seems to bend well with each half bounding step. A big meal will defiantly show through on the swallow.


The meerkcat, though overall slim, he shows off a “lion belly” from one of his favorite too foods. Well rounded except for the occasional bulge, considering its owner either the meeerkat dosent eat as much as most of his forms or he digests fast to keep himself speedy. Of course this natural compactness only shows the distention of a struggling meal all the more. It constantly gives of a slight odor and half audible rumble. Sweet dribbles down it constantly as it works to compact and process. A few grimy stains of various foodstuffs are on his belly, a golden navel stud completes the tummy.


Bellow his stomach his crotch is well covered by shredded swim pants. They bulges out somewhat around the goin  but keep him “modtest”, the meaty legs show a lot of weight on his hips, , a big rump anchors both tail and hind legs, the athletic build somewhat lost from his recent gorges. The tail tapers slowly from a thick base to a whip like end, on the end there seems to be a small hole,  the use is a mystery though. His legs are built for running and jumping, allowing more agility than almost any of his other forms, oddly enough making the meerkat a skilled hunter, easy to get sweaty while hunting of course



The big smelly Meerkat strokes his stomach as you look at him.. he is wearing a ragged green loincloth, a bit grimy, it at least hides most of the meerkats male bits from view. Other than that he wears two black bandana’s around his upper arms, two silver earings on his left ear. And carries a knapsack over one shoulder



As a bear leo’s girth has went from massive to overwhelming, it’s a bit surprising he can move so well when his stomach sticks out 9 feet from his burly beffy gut, The whole body has an immobile stance, a bowlegged gate from t he girth makes a stable is not agile form. The General coloration is sandy brown with darker shading near the back. The Main holdover from his lion self is the nearly black mane down his back.  Genearlly thick fur hides the bulges in his body somewhat and provides a nice warm insulation for the winter… though not as pleasant in the warm weather. Giving off a noticible musky aroma, stronger in some areas of his body than others

The ursine head is a but bullet like compact and a bit extra wide to swallow big meals, still wraped in muscle to allow firm bites, heavyset and durable he can apply a fairly sizeable headbu but the better attack is normally the pred breath belched into someones face, a drinker and glutton this is exceptionally potent in his ursine state, slobber constantly dribbling from his lips as he stares back at you, the big dark brown lips trembling as he licks them a bit The head is anchored by a thick muscular neck, wide and stubby his “chins” cover much of it though.


The main torso of the bear is very fat, breasts flabby  to the extreme, fat arms sweating almost constantly, four rolls of bear fat lead down to the massive main belly that justs out so far, the navel easily big enough to put a mans head in. The massive gut is well anchored though, little motion when he walks, showing that this is certainly not a newly chubby nature for the big ursine, even this wide and massive he maintains a certain curvature, looking basically like a thick furred pear on legs if looked at in profile, he shows substantial lovehandles just the same. His groin is promiant but normally covered, a short stubby tail is anchored from the massive bear rump


The legs anchored on are true thunder thighs, nearly touching eachother when standing straight up, Tree trunks of power and kicking ability the beast has an immobility about it, the thick protective fur  down thick muscular ankles and his flat smelly footsies,  big toes and well balanced for support


As a bear Leo wears a surprising amount, wearing sweatpants, black ones, they are reinforced with small suspender’s to hold up even with his massive stomach, the groin bulge is distinct but not overly apparent from a casual glance, A sweatshirt that covers hs arms to his elbows and his torso to his stomach, leaving the belly sticking out fully and big oversized sneakers for his feet, and finally a pair of thick black gloves on his paws(obviously these things can come off when involved in certain play)




Leo is a tawny and sandy colored Roo, Standing at 18 feet, probably at least a few tons, his tummy is almost cream colored, long ears and huge feet but sporting a healthy mane from his previous form. His body shows more muscle tone under the fur, the snout is more slender compared to the average fur, but snout sports a bright smile. His tail sways idly while you examine him further. Though he looks more muscular all that chunkiness is still there, the meat on his bones visible enough but a  sizeable pot belly sticking out to give him a sort of back to back L shape. Leo idly shifts his weight and licks his chops his jaws have a mix of flat teeth and fangs, obviously still predatory. He wears a golden hoop earring from his left ear  and two bronze bracers, one on each lower arm. The left arm having an eastern dragon etched on them, the right having a fat lioness embossed in. his big tummy covers the green loincloth rather well though.

compartivily to the normal furry look, long A good chunky tummy shows that leo can get himself a meal just as easy when playing a suspected prey. “on his left shoulder is a tattoo ‘Roo the Day” in blue ink. He wears a golden hoop earring from his left ear  and two bronze bracers, one on each lower arm. The left arm having an eastern dragon etched on them, the right having a fat lioness embossed in. his big tummy covers the green loincloth rather well though.




Before you stands a heavyset mephit, roughly 20 feet tall and 5.5 tons in weight his footsteps shake the ground  a bit. A fairly basic sknunk look except he has a dark aurburn mane down his back in addition to the black and white colorations common of the species. The general build is massive, fat bellied and muscular. Somehow the lazy mephit portrays an almost athletic look He is constantly sweaty under the thick fur and his attempts to keep in shape


The head is compact and well anchored into the shoulders, sizeable perky ears, The snout extends a bit and big black lips dribble saliva as he stares at you, a thick pale pink tongue licks grubby yellowed teeth. Black and white fur in a classic skunk patteren, the thick gullet leads to his wide shoulders, muclebound and showing a nice bulk, dribbiling a bit of sweat from his armpits, down onto the hips. Leo’s chest is well toned, you can see the muscles of the chest and pec muscles bend under the fur with each motion. The main Torso of the skunk shows of the muscle, his belly sticking out healthy, a big old pot belly, tightly curled and held in muscles, more and more as he continues to live hard and fast and end others lives like that too thick durable fur coats him well all over a few stains from his last meal. Grimy sweaty fur still though. The hips and loins are very large, big smelly behind to anchor heavy thunder thights, not agile but powerful, the legs taper quickly to his ankles and sandal wearing footpaws. His tail is about half as tall as he is and swishes constantly unless Leo tries to control it consciouslym its fluffy but powerful, hiddinga few secrets to be sure, it also tends to fan the foul rump smell around for all to enjoy. Able to curl around and eat people rather obviously


The skunks clothing really isn’t much, he wears a string thoung that really dosetn’t do things justice, the messy groin fur still musky, the big bulge still bvery obvious, maybe even moreso because of the white thong setting it off from the black fur around it, gritty grime is all over it.


The Royal Choppers

Your in trouble now, you got between Leo and his food.. oh wait, you ARE his food, or at least part of it, and you can tell that food of his past hasn’t always exactly went down easy. The whole mouth is a wet hot entrance to who knows what, The front teeth are almost human, except for size and the number of fangs that seem to curve back as your pressed through them. The massive wide teeth at the rear take up most of your view as your devoured face first. The tongue underneath you, tasting you as you admire his dental armory’s rear, built for crushing anything, you see shards of metal, to small for him to even notice welling up under the tongue’s side in a broth of saliva, someday to get swallows, these are probably all that remains of some weapon or other a poor sod had used to try to cut up his gums, since the lion is most assuredly not in pain this does seem to have been a futile struggle. The power and compacting pressure of those molars makes your stomach drop in are.  The teeth are surrounded and enwreathed with healthy bright red gums, shinning and glimmering among the mixture of pink red and dark pinkness of the inside of his jaws, so in contrast to the lions outer face. Gone is the cuteness, your inside of him now the maw looks so much longer now, past the thick muscles that link the jaws together you see deeper, the last and largest of those crunching molars , the slick inner mouth flesh gives you no grip, your hands only able to grab his rough tongue or his slick inner jaw, the lips are sheathed by that barrier of teeth that might make you a cripple before you go in… you don’t exactly think  that will help…

The Kings tongue is wide and flat, tastebuds and the rough slimy surfaces  to draw every taste from his meal before it goes down deeper where tasting no longer maters. The undulating red carpet swallows under you moving you back, letting you look out the sides of the jaws more. The powerful molars, the tongue tip sliding between your legs lifting you, pushing you down more, a glance back at the rearing tasting organ lets you see under it. A bit, into the dank pool of drool, little whirlpools only partially obscuring it the tongue is fastened to the lower jaw the thick flesh, able to stretch the top of the maw to lick, and showing off that some people got crushed UNDER the tongue , the remaining bones that haven’t slide down the gullet yet still intertwined in some f this arching tongue muscles.  The sea of saliva down against the fat tongue will eventually get even these wedged bits of previous morsels down… you can only imagine the crushing of a ton of tongue would be better than ridding it for a few moments and then.. .down bellow. You decide to look away from the tongue and raise your view up to the dark looming gullet ahead of you, your body sqeezed a bit in the maw,  going in face first this is going to seem roomy soon, the dangling uvula dances as the entrance to the gullet seems to wobble a bit, a portal, a ringed entrance to the final path of your life, it trembles and he makes a half belch, a sickly cloud appears, but its led in by the smell of the stomach down bellow, giving you a prelude, the burp lingers on you as saliva keeps building… soon it’ll be face plant into the gullet


Face planting into the lions gullet? Not like you had a choice in this, and as you feel his tongue laping, tickling at your feet your senses are far more upsete at what approached, your face is already pressed against the top of the throat and since its attached to your neck and shoulders they go in nicely enough, at least for the lion, in your case all you can do is squirm., the hot walls press at you, bending and squeeizing you to his own wishes, the thick heavy lions adams apple, hardly visible through the mane is now much more prominent  pressing against your face, almost jabing at you as he makes each slow swallow, the gullet itself presses the foul slickness,the saliva mixed with mucous sliding down around your head, pooling around your rump as it slides over the hump and into his throat too. The thick flesh strokes your body, undulating on each of those swallows, rhythmic, well practiced.. your not that special to the glutton, just a big chunk of meat to be gobbled just the same. You feel his pulse pressing through you, the big arteries, the powerful bellows bellow, the wet slurping sounds “Behind” you as he laps at your feet a few more times, and messily sloshes all that saliva around and seems to tilt that head up, stretching his neck around you to bulge it more, the almost gargled salvia waves down against your backside lubing you up. The slick hot swallow sends you down, letting that bobbing adams apple punch at your legs and groin, “pawing you down as your bulged decent seems to be savored.




Leo's stomach is large and smells very strongly of lion, murky. Sloshing wet goo slides over your body, making it tingle, getting into every crevasse; The occasional wave of it sending you under the morass of stomach juices.  The whole stomach rocks and churns nearly constantly. The sounds of the stomach echoing ominously, slosh, gurgle, splurrllch. Though if you focus you can hear the heart and lungs of the lion somewhere above you. The heat of the stomach continues to rise, it’s a sweltering temperature for sure, you can’t help but perspire and pant, the smell adding to the effect, while not rotting, it certainly smells something of the processing. Its hard to keep your balance and the constant sounds just remind you of the purpose of thise place. As you try to stand you are rocked against the side of the stomach, it gives some and you feel the stick film seeping from the warm walls of meaty prison you’ve been stowed in till digestion turns you into pred flesh. The touch makes your hair and fur get frizzy. You here moans from the outsides and see the indentation of large paws press the wall, pressing them into the faintest of lights, showing a red shimmer, and the juices splashing from the stomach walls as they are disturbed from the outside. The stomach it self seems content to slowly churn and squeeze, embracing the contents;  every little sound of pleasured fulfillment echo’s down in with you. Lacking much else to do you look at the

morass.  As you fish through the room you find discarded clothing.. Apparently its owner no longer needing it and part of the muck that’s grimy texture rubs on your pelt. The juice is slightly warmer than the rest of the stomach… in better ventilation it could be a sauna or hot tub.   . The air is getting fouler and more  stuffy by the moment. Goop sticks to your fur and flesh. The sounds of the stomach echoing ominously, slosh, gurgle, splurrllch. Though if you focus you can hear the heart and lungs of the lion somewhere above



Roo Jaws



Who knew.. the roo was a pred, that casual glance, now marred with you, his few teeth and glimmering gums locking you in like the final cell before capital punishment is inflicted

The face with the fangs is all around you, having popped you in like a big piece of chocklate, butt first, your legs pressing the roof of his mouth hard, your back against his tongue, a very uncomfey pose in the best  of times. The dribbiing drool trailing lips are open for a moment, giving you enough light, to see it in all the predatory detail That long tongue bunches up against your ass as the tip slips around your face, tasting you, leaving thick  trails of saliva over your body. Rippling under you, sliding your body against the smooth pink walls. He mumms as  the hot jowls of the roo slip and slide around you crunching and compacting you a few times as you see the maw closer with each down bite, the teeth are fairly sparsely placed, the glimmering front fangs being obvious and some  discolored well worn molars,   you see looking past your knees, but most of the jaw is gum only, those blackish lips quite visible over the bumpy ridge or saliva seeping gums.. Under the tongue you see the pooling salvia seeping over the sides as he birings his jaws together sealing you in near total darkness, forcing you to adapt again as the hot dankness slides over you, the gums hardly pursing the lips enough for a glimmer to the nearly dislocatable jaws,  the construction is so much easier to see here, his natural  tendencies are so far from the roo you expected. The jaws are just built to gobble down massive meals, and you are obviously fitting that., his tongue wiggling like a massive serpent, tasting your terrified body, curling around it in places, feeling your pulse, the thick sweltering organ rasping against you almost lewdly. Your “waiting” just seems to be getting more of the lewd tasting., letting you sweat off a few pounds in  his gut, enjoying your squirming. Sucking on you like a sweet before finishing the job.


From down that long gullet the smells of his last meals wafte up, some you regonize as fast food, some you don’t and really don’t want to. It rumbles ahead of you in the inky blackness, you can make out the motion of the uvuala but nothing more , each chugging gulp of the roo sways you inside those goliath lips and gumps, sloshing and soaking you with predigestive treatments. His head will soon enough be tilting back, sending you down for dinner. As he makes a half hiccup burp to make room for you down bellow, sliming your face with what you can’t imagine “mmmm.


Roo belly


Your in the stew now, the surfer bum of a roo has shoved you into that wave loving body, gulped you down like a hot dog, making all those crude little comments of you being a nice bit of beach cuisine, its so nastily accurate, and now you can’t help but imagine him with you added to that massive middrift., your meat helping him belly board. Even that fat roo behind, ohh if you weren’t about to digest you’d give him a punch where it hurt, to late now, your roo chow. The stomach isn’t exactly a nice place to spend your last minutes, the smell permeates with decomposing aromas of fish and various fast food, your foot has slipped into the remains of a syrupy pancake, half digested. Flapjacks gut sags in almost a kidney shape and forces you to “curve” around it or be crushed by the muscles contractions, the heavy crunching that gets tighter as he slowly exhales the air from his filthy gut. The surfer bum’s bulging belly is a bit more spacious than you’d think and hotter too, all that fat belly might have more room in the stomach but its far more insulated too. The dark wall glimmer with red sickly flesh, seeping the acids more potently as the stomach fills up more, compensating for your own bulks dilution, the stomach is pretty “Dry” comparatively, meaning there is only a few inches of the acid goo on the bottom of the burbling organ. The bubbles and steaming swaying gut just seem to be in time with those massive roo steps, each adjustment to shift his meaty load a bit better. The stench of decay makes you cough and struggle for some footing that isn’t going to kill you. As you do that his body sounds echo, the lub dub of the heart,the squeezeing and expanding of the lungs against the diafram, even his pulse you can hear, your sense are so higtened in these last moments, you so wish they weren’t though, every one of them is revolted and rebelling… you end up getting one foot against a fairly acid free stomach wall, .Your other foot ends up on something marginally safer, what feels like the remains of a surfboard, working your toes over it you notice the front has been bitten off.  Peering into the darkness you figure its blue, it’s a stark contrast to the rest of the pulsing undulating belly constantly making sickly splurchy sorta sounds as you move your feet from pancake it brushes against the remains of a scuba suit, the air canister crached and crunched, as if he had been stepping on a tin can. You see the outline of the roos paws, mainly in the pitchblackness on the taughtly stretched gut, you manage to brace your feet against them to stay out of the hot gurgling murk, a mix of seawater and saliva with copious amounts of that same gastric acid that has turned ihop into goo. Squirming up against the seeping side stillgives you unpleasant tingles, but your not dissolving alive..yet… Then you notice one more “Remain” in his stomach… the torn apart engine of a motor boat, in very small parts, the blades seem to have left no permanent scars in the stomach,  it must be impenetrable, even if the poor boaters ride home was sent the way of his own self. The little parts must have been breaking up for hours, and not a bit of blood in the gut… The slosh and bubbling seems almost a sick twist on a boater drowning tale.

“splurch, gurgle slosh, the roos hot stomach shifts and splashes you again and again, it’ll only be a matter of time before you too scumb to the final release in the fat male roos paunch. His gently pawing of the gut, feeling your struggle continues lewdly as he moans, enjoying your struggles. Teasing your utter transformation to roo flesh with little belches





A sleek and smart looking non anthro panther sits before you, on his haunches, leaning the head down to sniff at you. The fact that he is easily 15 feet tall seems not to deturn him from the look of a curious and loving panther kitty.. of course, you do hear his tummy rumbling.. perhaps he wants you to play with him. Its hard not to keep looking though

Pouncer wiggles his body as he stares at you, almost sitting but not quite, as if he wants to <play>, his eyes blink energetically, to the shoulders pouncer stands  15 feet. Still he has that kitten like look, big paws bigger than average head even if drool is seeping form those lips. Slightly chubby but for the most part a lean panther kitty. Sitting on his haunches easily he makes a few swallows of air. .His tail waves behind him, but the whole body seems to be in constant motion, ready to do his namesake at any moment.  He currently is just wearing a keying around his throat, dozens of keys are on itHe makes a deep burp and pats his tummy, looking over at you idly, smiling against "Rarroooo" He grins lopsidedly as you look him over, his lets stretching a bit to show of the sleek m


Pouncer's jaws are dark on the outside and pinkish on the inside  dark lips surround your head and most of the rest of you while you being gulped in. You feel his tongue taste at your underside and the heat of his breath rolling over your body, holding you firm so you can only go one way, but soon your in., Inside the panthers jaws you feel his tongue sliding around you, contstantly tasting you presses against your rump and head, rolling you around onto his tastebuds and pressing you around. The panther apparently tasting and feeling you inside his lips before he decides to take the next manuver. You see the dark black lips past his teeth now, the dozens of perfectly placed panther choppers gleam with salvia, sloshing down into the bottom of his mouth and pooling around the tongue.You feel the giant panthers tongue rub against your underside, chafing you slightly.  The heat of the panthers sloppy maw isn’t as bad as it could be, air slips through his teeth and he occasionally opens his jaws slightly enough for you to almost escape before bringing his lips down and sealing you back in darkness.. damn playfull panther…..


You land in a hot and rather smelly stomach of the panther, unlike the lions room this one is quit a bit less liveable, you hear his body around you, easy sleepy breathing, the stomachs juices gently sloshing warm to the touch. his stomach starting to churn around you, rubbing its slick flesh over your body. rumbling happily around you. The smell inside is overripe for sure, making you cough, bouncing the whole stomach around you., he makes a lewd moan








Pouncers naga gut

 Well the strange back serpent is now squeezing you in a final hug without any active attention, your in his coils far deeper than you were before



As you struggle to move you find the flesh around you form fitting, giving you very little leverage, every inch of movement is hard fought, and the heat is making it hard enough to breath inside the thick wideness, you can only imagine his bulge   there is little “Fat” as it is in the snake, you can see the light illuminate the fleshy walls of your prision as your slowly pressed down by the lengethy guts natural motions. Feeling him slither, no more a care for you., you feel every hard surface, every rock, a bit of a cushion to the sensitive spine and vital parts, you feel that long set of vertebra pressed overy your back with each inhaltion, unlike most stomachs its hardly trying to snap you, its just working on digesting. The thick slow vicous juice rubs into your hide slowly, the coloration shimmers in the faint light inside, so darkly entombed and your own bulk blocking the light from his mouth you guess this is the trickle that seeps through your thinly stretched bulge. You can see the faint illumination looking like almost scale paterns, tinked deep red of the inside of his stomach. Pouncer makes a burp and you feel the clench tighten driving the air form your lungs as your nose presses against the stiff form of his last meal







Descripion of Jumbo. The newly Hir elephants body should be taken in parts, hir head looks pretty normal, long trunk agile, heavyset face, large jowls and impressive shade giving ears. Hir tusks are impressive and  twisting as they curve, ending up looking a bit like a screw.  As the jaw opens you notice the tongue seems to have an amazing amount of control, hir tasting organ is certainly more pensile and stronger than others of hir size.Shi manages to sport a mane down between her ears around the shoulders, providing some added protection.

Past the head the oddities start, first the heavy shoulders slope down slightly, perhaps from the combined weight of the new bust that he has received to help make him a hir. Other than that the chest seems muscular, even the new “glands” seem t be anchored well enough…. Of course…. There are other internal modifications to these organs. Bellow the bust is the stout main torso, visible muscles and wide hips to anchor thick legs. Your basic pear shape though not as tapered at the top as some. Hir stomach sticks out a bit, but curves in well with the body, showing the feminine effect of the experiments. More obvious is the fact that shi now has a pouch..(What were those experiments EXACTLY?) but at least it seems to fit .Shi swishes the tail behind hir and shows that it too has been increased in power. Thicker and able to curl some.. Bellow the pouch shi wears a loincloth to fully cover a “sizeable bulge” , a second set of lips, and a hole.. I’m sure I don’t need to detail that more

Hir legs are built in mostly elepentine form, though the feet more resemble a roo, being quite large and splayed, hir muscular and large hips now better explained.. to allow many of the roo functions in kicking and balancing . Toes splay for support somehow making it look athletic.

Hir current job is “transporter” of food and slaves. “elephant silk” cuffs are VERY useful after all..

Deep down this beast still thinks Male most often, and is more than a bit embarrassed about the other hormones rushing through the body.


Jumbo’s big ol fat belly isn’t a nice place to spend your final moments, the boggy depths of hell,  broiling like hells furnace. cooking and digesting alive anything the beast can get his paws on.   thick flesh  on all sides keeps it from bouncing to much, at least with just you in here. His body shifts you with each step, each movement of his body is very good in splashing you, your own stuggles don’t have the same mass.. but it does seem to “Exceite” the belly.  It rumbles with each word he speaks, gurgling around your poor traped selfd, the air isn’t that short.. yet… but the and the stench of decay and digestion comes to make you caugh, thick in the air, mixtures of final throws of passion aren’t common, but there is a trace, the smell and taste of terror is far more common, and the distinct flavors of his last dozen or so meals are in the air, humans, foxes, felines.. dragons, a balanced diet that now includes you.

Massive bubbles  lift  from a hot acid bath, poping and splattering in your face, burning your  eyes in the process, you force your eyes open to look better, the inner walls are  dark pink, but you see the grey beyond them.. the stomachs outside.. though the pouched area is too dark still.  Your fingers feel the smooth linning, the bumps and muscles pressing back, staring to compact and chrun your form, jostling you into the sea of goo. You  make a quick struggle to higher ground  bracing yourself against a higer wall and look back down  into the greenish black gook. You see all sorts of remains, mostly hard things, coins, gemstones, scales, a few hardier than average sets of shoes, a broken sword wedged against the stomach wall, overgrown  by healing  flesh…… well.. that cuts out any chance to cut your way out if a sword couldn’t.  At this point you realize that your able to see decently, and look for the source, into the foul bubbling digesting vessel you peer, squinting to make out the source on the very bottom, though hundreds of gallons of gastric juices… you see light.. some unfortunate person before you picked up a very hardy lamp.. and its still going strong aimed “up”…. Maybe that makes it worse.. the stomach walls themselves are seeping constantly, dribbling more and more fresh acid as some neutralizes in dissolving the meaty broth it so loves to accept. The heat is making you sweat.. this is NOT good when trying to keep your grip on the stomach walls. And only brings the pool of doom up quicker. You see a ring float to the  top, elvish writing glowing and then  vanishing  melting away at last in  this gut.

Forcing yourself to look for any chance you peer at where the  little whirlpools are heading in the stomach, there are three ways down… and since you can’t grab the way up without swimming in way to much acid your left with these…Under the filthy greenish acid bath you see  a few valves leadingout, what one of them is used for is obvious to guess, the others, who knows, probally have nothing to lose and can’t have to much  worse in smell or feel than in here  right.. One is at the current acid level, one has a ruby embedded in its outside and one is just.. under acid….



GUMMERIs a big Yoshi,(color to fill in later) Standing at 13 feet tall at the shoulders, with head adding a couple more and about that long too, Compact head with oversidzed maw, long neck connecting to her chest, boobs dangling slightly to show hir femine nature well enough, bellow the bust is the first line of straps for her sadle. The saddle carried roughly halfway down on hir massive hips, staggeringly strong legs to provide the natuaral speed hir species is known for, the tail tapers slowly and swishes like a whip as shi runs, almost raptor like


Having had a tough life shi was a hard nosed warrior for a long time, freelancing, mercenary, heartless after her own personal rebllion against those who owned her. . It wasn’t till recently that shi has been softened up and that hidden love of life that was clenched on so tight is finally allowed to flourish. Deep down it has been found she can be seduced and seduce on par with any in her species .Currently shi is experimenting in everything with everyone, slightly pred biased and needs to be seduced into a stomach… as she will try to do with her meals.


GUmmer dresses well finding the act of stripping before a meal just adds to the proper teasing and moments before a meal, normally wearing a bridle and a saddle ,the same ones she has had from when she rebelled against her original owner. They are warn but considering the abuse they have taken are in remarkable shape .

Shi wears golden bracelets and anklets, with shoulder bands right under hir armpits, these are sometimes spikes when shi is prepared for fighting but come off when in an amorous encounter. She normally wears a bronze necklass with a stylisted “Sun” cut of the large bronze plate hanging from it, to let hir body be seen through parts of it.Shi wears thick leather gloves on her paws when in combat but when not expecting a fight hir stubby hands are adorned with bands of metal, golden and silver rings. Deepset gemstones are well protected in these to allow her to give a hefty hook punch or two if the need arises. Feet wise she hates to wear boots, having very agile toes that provide excellent support and even the ability to curl around and hold things.



Gummer jaws

Inside the 14 foot yoshi jaws is a surprisingly simple affair, no teeth to speak over, huge jaws and that sticky long tongue that’s still attached to you The tongue curls around you more and more, scooping you in fully as hir jaws are wide open, letting anyone else see  the act, at least for a few moments. Hir jaws gape madly, drool pouring from the upper lips   to the lower, thick slobbery hot ropes, the main maw structer are gums though  and you feel the firmness against your body, pressing and tasting you with her tongue , sucking on you a bit., sloshing you around hir mouth, you hear hir mumm and savor you a bit more deep set in the gums you see the pooling saliva in the in the jaw, looking to the left and right you see massive cheekbones, apparently a collapsible structure that allows the classic “puffy mouthed”yoshi look and as shi maneuvers you around you get her jaws are going to be nice and puffy from the outside as shi eats you. The warm pred breath rolls over you again and again as she feels you around, taking every taste.



Shi makes a massive gulp, you are sent hutling into her gullet, a few long slow swallows later you land in the senual yoshi belly.


Gummer Belly

Inside of hir body you find it strangely intimate, the heat is making you sweat up a storm,though the acids feel fairly tame, taking off any clothing might make it more hosibitible. The smell, though a bit ripe isn’t that bad, actually it seems to be a mixture of chocklate and the smells of lots of other people, a bit sweaty, a bit lewd.. you begin to notice its more of an intoxicating and perhaps arousing odder than offensive. The stomachs soft slick sides are so sensitive, each touch makes it shudder and push back, the softness against your body feels almost like silk rubbing against your bare body. hir stomach is apparently built with a two stage modle, letting you go to sleep before you become yoshi flesh. the massive gut giving enough around you for a bit of stretching but you end up slung low just the same, you feel hir powerfull hind legs pressing on etiher side, your bulk settling in comfortably. Her meaty legs continuealy squeezing you firmly,  The stomach contracts regularly jostling you a bit but nothing to bad, the inner wall of the yoshi is bright red, glimmering oddly, for some reason light seem to be emited by hir stomach. Hir body sounds rumble around you as shi moans, sloshing sounds in your ear as you feel a bit grimy from hir last meal but there isn’t to much in the nearly water like filling of hir gut. Eventually you feel one paw stroking your bulge from the outside, the four fingerd hand quite visible as she murmers lovinly to her meat.  She makes a loud burp, but it only hurts your ears for a few moments. You feel the thick stomach walls clench around you, stroking every inch of your body, rubbing you amorously you see the firmness of hir male part on the lower arc of the stomach, apparently shi is truly enjoying this union of you and hir. The big  belly sags with your bulk as you hunker down for what could be a long time. The Big yoshi gently licks hir own stomach… mmm. This won’t be so bad…




Thick lips show over the deep set gums, hiding some of the wickeness of that bite from the outside, now you can see to well, an interlocking forest of needle sharp fants, fat needles at the bottom to give power but at the end then mesh perfectly for the sealing bite, dark crimson gums seem to hose another few inches of that tooth root, there are small holes between the gums to let in the upper teeth. The teeth themselves are for the most part purely straight, a few molars near the back for bone grinding but no inward curved ones. Some slight yellowing is visible but the diet has kept decay away. The koopas tongue is wide , filling the wide maw well and seemingly able to fold around itself hot dogging someone who is around the middle groove. The taste buds are slightly overlarge and the general texture is like a fairly coarse sandpaper, chafing bare flesh with each “Taste” of it writhing under you. Pressing you around the meaty cheak and slick inside of the jaws, Up against the heavy upper palat, only lightly covered with flesh, mostly bone from the skull, a nice FIRM pressing surface. The inner mouth flesh, smooth as always is mostly dark with peach patches, all swathed with spittle. The saliva dribbling from those upper teeth constantly splashes over your body though in thick ropes while he keeps his mouth open, teasing, tasting, showing you your last glimpse of existence apart from the koopa. Each crude stroke of that tongue makes you sweat, fear and heat, the smell of the burbling bellow awaiting you, the gurgles of his stomach faint, his own lip smacking far from faint enough. In the back of the jaw in pure darkness you see a slight constant breeze coming out, and then you realize its to blow the flames from his stomach OUT of his mouth rather than just into it.. still the fact that he is a fire breather means trying to use your lighter to give him a hot tongue isn’t likely to get the result you had hoped. The stench wafting up smells like it is certainly combustable… it might even improve on the foul seepings .


He raises his lips to give another unlucky victim a look at you before you are gulped down into a worse hell, the tongue sliding under you and shoving you down into the dragon turtles gut., gulp gulp, down the throat past the adam’s apple and in you go.


With that gulp your now inside of him, being a big beast his stomach has room, and that room is filled with more things to make your life feel like shit, and your few remaining moments in the perfect organic torture chamber

Inside the koopa kings gut the world is alight with fire, the bubbling goo of the stomach acid is sloshing , the stench of decomposition and digestion is everywhere, the thick stomach walls pulse darkly nearly black purple stomach lining that sheaths much of the light even when over stretched. Wedged in his stomach like a foul bit of track lighting is a glow stick from some kids Halloween bad, the reaction with the stomach somehow keeping it dimly functioning. The rest of the poor soul is gone forever.  The stomachs walls though slick have a bumpy feeling to them and as you touch them you feel massive compacting muscles underneath, even muscles on the far side to compact it extra tight for when the king puts on his heavy armored shell., the stomach walls thicker than armor platting have obviously taken the attacks of some of the monsters meals without much trouble, some scars are visible among the bumps, the remains of a warriors armor and weaponry rub against you, the metal again taking longer to metabolize. Thick brackish green stomach juices ooze from every internal pour, trickling down into the stomach’s lower curves, and raiseing to your current resting place, a bit against his body but more on the remains of his last meal, a yoshi.. though doesn’t look much like the cute green dino now.. its any island in a storm. The remains of its sadle bob sadly in the rising sea, raising both by digesting other meat into thick meaty glop and the acids, it will be truly deadly Quicksand by the time it reaches you. From the la Koopa TarPits The occasional burp of noxious fumes erupts into a flaming pillar, singing anyone unlucky to be peering over the side of their perch. Still, compared to the acid bath the little eruptions are more fearsome from the concentrated splashes of gastric bile.


The smell rises in your lungs, acridic, gagging, the goo of countless other victims, royal and lesser are mixed around here, the ultimate forge you see an unlucky prince’s regailia being  digested, the gold and precious metals settling against his stomach wall strangly, the organic aspects just digesting like meat, the dragon turtles body makes a gurgling almost flushing noise in your ear, it last a few seconds as you realize the koopa’s stomach is “Shifting” through remains like a miner in gold. . each breath of his body rubs the scally soft underbelly against the much thicker shell he wears. The waves of sludge are getting higher. The heat rises with the acid, burning and roasting, almost cooking you alive inside, so well insulated that the stomach might be cool to the outside but like a klin inside. There won’t be enough left of you to make a positive ID most likely. A few pats of his gut sends a splashing wave over you, making your body sting, fur keeps it to a sting, bare flesh, well gets a preeburn… it’s a harbringer of the slightly swaying full gut. Pressing yourself against the stomach roof, the koopas saliva constantly runs down, slightly diluting the stomach acids but not enough to counteract the seepage.. and of course the saliva makes it touch to keep your temporary safe haven.. The tide of doom will rise till there is no room left.. and you’ll just be another skeleton in his body.. and not even that for long. The muscular gut clenches tightly and the victim your own disintegrates almost immediately, bathing you in the digestive slosh, burying you in the quicksand as you struggle desperately. And then be makes that final belch, to echo your last moments.




The tigers gut is a filthy collections designed to turn you into tiger meat, the organic compactor and dissolver honed through eons of evolution